Be the person everyone hates because your funeral went overtime.

I found my ukulele in the garage one day when we were cleaning out the toy box. It’d lived in the house for nearly four years, and I only discovered it when I was seventeen. It’s nothing special, mind you, and I doubt it’d fetch much at a second-hand shop, but it has proved mighty handy in times of despair, doubt and depression (and deliriousness, at the thought of me singing). I’m also sorry for all the times you had to listen to Riptide, I still haven’t mastered the uke solo on that one.

I seem to have made a habit of discovering therapeutic activities. It’s not all watching Game of Thrones, you know (although I have recently discovered it myself, after many peaceful months of blatant rejection of conformity). There are so many ways to clear the mind, that often mine becomes overwhelmed with choice, completely reversing the purpose of each activity. What if I want to do all of them? Oh, but I can, and you can too.

You see, I’ve always resented the “life is short” concept. Sure, I guess it is, if you consider how much has come before us – the dinosaurs and the Romans and the Salem witch hunts and Kevin Rudd. But while this perspective is a wonderful thing, why would we spend three hours roasting lamb and carrots instead of inhaling two-minute noodles for every meal if we didn’t have a bit of time on our hands.

You want to knit? Knit. You want to ride a bike? Prepare your basket (a necessity with any cycling apparatus, really). You want to cook? Then get onto, deary! You want to read in a hammock under the sun? Then flipping find yourself two well-positioned trees. Do it. You want to visit Majorca? Find yourself a flashy beach umbrella! Go on. Just do it. DO ALL THE THINGS!

You don’t have to choose one certain thing to do, or be good at, and do only that. For too long, I myself have pigeon-holed my counterparts, titled them with their chosen activity: Maddie, she of basketball; Megan, she of surfing and hair of blonde; Jack, he of life enthusiasm and idiosyncratic food purchases; Blayne, he of protein shakes and house of wannabe-black. It may seem as though Game of Thrones has gotten away with me, but I assure you I am not writing this with a Westeros accent in my head.

But really, our titles should be as long as our height and as many as our years. Be that guy everyone hates because your funeral went overtime because people would not shush about that time you decided to repeatedly run naked up a muddy hill in front of hundreds of people (you go, splendour in the grass guy)!

We should utilise the time we do have and use it for all it’s worth. This is why I do not watch A Current Affair, and chose instead to calm my agitation with Tracy Grimshaw with a Mindfulness Colouring Book (it’s a great thing, see here). It’s not about ways to ‘pass’ the time, but really, ways to best USE the time and the opportunities we have. I double dog dare you.

Actually I don’t, because Eve Malone wouldn’t. Eve Malone is too busy bungy-jumping in South Africa. So go on, catch her if you can.


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