Where is Eve?

What I’ve come to realise about travel is that the places you go to and the sites you tick off the bucket list are only about one quarter of the joy. It’s the stories that come later, the ones you’ll tell to your family once you’re safe on home turf, the ones that make dinner time last for three hours, the ones that make you snort-laugh while you’re telling them, that make up the other three quarters of travelling bliss.

Those are the stories that need to be told. It’s all well and awfully convenient to have lots of websites and blogs and travel experts telling me where to stay and how to get to the airport and how many Euros I’ll need to survive for three months without living on Mi Goreng for more than 50% of my trip. But what we remember most about travelling, are the things that can never be anticipated by an itinerary.

So that’s what I’ll be sharing. Pull up a chair at my dinner table.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Terrigal Beach, NSW Central Coast


“She wanted to do it on her own, and be herself. Or sort of herself.”



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